Manage unlimited Supabase users across all of your Supabase projects and accounts from one privacy-focussed desktop app. Mac OS pre-release version available for download now:

macOS - Apple SiliconmacOS - Intel

You can try a limited version of supasight for free. The full version is a one-time purchase: pay once, use it forever.

Save 50% during pre-release and buy Supasight for only $39 for a short period:

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Please note: the video above uses fake data to protect my and my users’ privacy, but the app is the real deal!

What does supasight do?

The pre-release version of supasight allows you to:

  • Sync unlimited Supabase projects with unlimited users
  • View user registrations over time, broken down by project
  • View registrations by provider (e.g. Email, GitHub, Google, or any of the other Social Logins supported by Supabase)
  • View snapshots of recent registrations Vs past periods for comparison
  • View active users across projects within the last 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days and other periods
  • View user information including any metadata from the provider (e.g. GitHub profile data)
  • Search for users by email
  • Quickly see which users have yet to confirm their email address
  • Resend welcome emails to users who haven’t confirmed their email address
  • Run reports on dormant users and users who signed up but haven’t since come back

Supasight is mostly read-only at present: it is not intended as a fully-fledged user administration or CRM tool. Over time more write functionality will be added, guided by user feedback.

Supasight registration chartSupasight active users chart

How does it work?

Supasight leverages your Supabase service_key for each project to access the auth.users table via the official Supabase admin API. You do not need to grant direct database access nor do you need to create any views or triggers to replicate any user data into. This allows you to get started with zero configuration on your side, and means Supasight is compatible with every Supabase project you have.

Supasight user page

What does it not do?

Supasight only focuses on the auth.users table of each project: nothing else. If you don’t use Supabase for user authentication, you should not use supasight. You cannot use it to view or manage your own tables defined in any of your own schemas. If you’d like that to change, let me know.

Supasight notarization image

Can I trust it/you?

I’m a self-employed developer with almost 20 years’ industry experience. I’m also a Supabase user myself, and I take your privacy and data management very seriously. These concerns are part of the reason Supasight is a desktop application: 100% of your data is stored locally on your computer, and your Supabase API keys are encrypted securely using your operating system keychain. Supasight does not track your activity at all, and none of your data ever leaves your computer.

I built supasight because I needed it. No code is ever perfect, but I intend to keep improving and supporting it for as long as possible. Each build of the application is notarized by Apple, meaning it has passed their automated checks which scan software for malicious content. It won’t run on your mac without this protection.

Frankly, I understand if you’re still skeptical. Please contact me if you want—I’m always happy to chat through any specific questions or concerns you’ve got. Remember that you can always choose to generate a new JWT Secret in Supabase which will invalidate any existing API keys if you get cold feet about Supasight.

Are there any limitations to be aware of?

Supasight syncs all of your Supabase users to your computer and has not yet been tested on large databases. If you have millions of users across your projects, the pre-release version of the application will not work fantastically well since the working set of projects and users is held in memory while the application is running. If you run into memory or performance issues, please let me know. Storage and retrieval of this data will be optimized as the application matures.

More users in Supabase will translate to more local disk usage, so this is something to bear in mind too.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes! The free version of supasight allows you to manage up to three projects each with up to 100 registered users.

Supasight project image

Can I get a refund?

Absolutely. If you’re not happy with supasight for any reason, please email me at and I’ll refund your purchase. That said, if there’s something missing which would otherwise make supasight useful to you, I’d love to chat first because the chances are it will be useful to others too and I’d like to add it. I’d also like to ask for your patience during pre-release, as there are bound to be plenty of teething issues (which the pre-release sale price tries to reflect).

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